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Welcome to TAOTAT's Mystic Tea and Brooms!

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IN-PERSON readings: (Subject to change)

Open for seeing in person clients in my home (and small groups of up to 4 people) from 12-6pm certain Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays (save when I have outside events that take me out of the house!)
Check the Events list below for specific dates available this month!

ONLINE readings:

Available weekly (save for a few days during the year) for 1 Question (15-20 min) or full 40 minute or 1 -hour readings Wednesday through Friday 12-6 and Saturdays 12-5.

Must be pre-booked!
You can book for your reading(s) through this link

I can’t wait to be seeing you again and to seeing what your tea and cards have to tell you!
Readings by email are available, too!

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Teas, Brooms and Events...

March 2024 events events Click here for Events details and
booking links!

You can also see on Amy's FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, future announcements of events and workshops coming up over the next number of weeks and over the rest of the year as well.

Thank you for your ongoing support and we hope to see you in the leaves soon!

TEAlightful Blessings, and have a TEArrific Day!

TAOTAT's Mystic Tea and Brooms - Where Body, Mind and Spirit meet over a 'cuppa' tea.

M: 905-865-2711
E: info@taotat.ca

Our Teas and Tisanes are premium quality and use organic ingredients as much as possible, also where available our teas are single origin, direct from the farmer/producer. All our custom blends are made by Amy in small batches to ensure the best quality and freshness for our products. All teas/tisanes are infused with a healthy smattering of Positive Magick, Gratitude, Pure Joy and a lot of Good Vibes!

All our Tea Accessories and other items are chosen with care for their uniqueness and their usefulness. 

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Brooms and Whisks

WHere to buy my brooms

All Brooms, Besoms and Whisks are made by the owner Amy Taylor, inventory changes frequently, so message to see what she has available, she also does custom work. As much as possible we procure locally crafted, vintage/antique items to be enjoyed with your own Tea rituals.
For information on custom broom orders, email me!

Learn more...

Countless lives have been enriched by it - and more than a few sacrificed for it.
As one of a handful of plants that have shaped the world, tea has been endlessly adapted and reinvented across cultures and centuries. Fresh, yet timeless, tea is both the flavour of the moment, and the taste of the past.
Join me as I take my uniquely different tea party style and my fun interactive programs about tea and tea leaf reading to the public. In doing so we will embark on an adventure about tea and its amazing historical and healthful story.
Won’t you join me for a delightful, tea-lightful, insightful cuppa tea?

Amy is a Certified Tea Sommelier Professional with the Tea and Herb Association of Canada

Tea Sommelier Tea Guild of Canada Tea and Herb Assoc of Canada Readers Choice 2014 Readers Choice 2015 Readers Chioice 2017 Psychic Directory