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TAOTAT's Mystic Tearoom

What is The Art of Tea and Tasseomancy's (TAoTaT's) Mystic Tearoom?

Amy Taylor is the sole owner of The Art of Tea and Tasseomancy (TAoTaT), a business with a focus on all things tea, including tea leaf reading. She opened TAoTaT's Mystic Tearoom in 2017 as a place where you can connect with experienced readers in many types of divinatory arts including; tarot, astrology, runes, Dilogun, palmistry, mediumship and of course, tasseomancy. The Diviners and Practitioners in TAoTaT's Mystic Tearoom would be able to aid you positively along your path in life, because TAoTaT's Mystic Tearoom is all about You. It is a place where Body, Mind and Spirit meet over a 'cuppa'? tea. It is a place where you can feel safe, help to heal, to grow and to feel better.

TAoTaT and TAoTaT's Mystic Tearoom, are places of inclusiveness. We do not discriminate against anyone. This means that no matter what your race, religion, sexual orientation or gender choice, we are a safe place where you can be comfortable without any fear of being bullied or being condemned for your life choices. Our practitioners are here to aid you along your path and to personal Wellness, not to hinder it.

Amy and the practitioners of TAoTaT and Mystic Tearoom will also be presenting fun and interactive workshops monthly and bimonthly. Be sure to see the events listings posted as printable posters above. As well, part of TAoTaT's Mystic Tearoom's initiatives, there will be Wine and Divine events twice a year. It is a great way for you can try out a mini reading session. A great way to test the waters per se.

Where are we located?

The Mystic Tearoom is located on the North side of Main St E. in Hamilton, Ontario Canada between Huxley and Tuxedo Sts. The closest intersection is Main St E and Kenilworth Ave. There is an inexpensive Green P lot at the corner of Tuxedo and Main, .50 cents per hour.

All appointments with Diviners at the Mystic Tearoom are pre-booked with the Diviner of your choice. We seldom allow for walk ins.

Upcoming events at the Tea Room

Elderberry: Flu Buster
Thursday November 23rd, 7-9pm

As one of Nature’s powerhouses, Elderberry is a must in the Winter Herbal Medicine Chest. Join Melissa Van Huisstede in a fun make and take workshop where you will learn how to make Elderberry syrup where take home your own 250ml bottle and notes so you can make more! Additional Syrup Kits will be available for purchase. Investment: $45.
Space is limited to 12 people so pre-registering for this evening will be required.

About Melissa:
Melissa is a dreamer, a creatrix, a writer, a forest bather, a nature lover, a path wandering, ever learning and growing, herbal artisan and kitchen witch. Most of all, she is a mother to her wonderful 4.5 year old son!

Owner of Herban Apothecary and Rhiannon’s Realm based in the Hamilton/Burlington area, Melissa was drawn to herbalism in 2001 after having a great turn in health after seeing a naturopath. Always a plant lover, the herbal world called to her. She attended Wild Rose College of Natural Healing in Alberta for the first year of their program in 2002 to 2003. Back in Ontario, she continued studies to include holistic nutrition, Iridology, Bach Flower Remedies, Hot Stone Massage, Indian Head Massage and Intro to TCM.

The herbal healing path is one that is ever evolving, and one is always learning as they become more intimate with the plants and people they work with. Her mission is to bring plant knowledge as well as quality herbal formulations to the people – for people to realize that they can take their own health into their own hands, for themselves and for their families. You can find her herbal products online on her Facebook business page @herbanapothecary333

Magick of Yuletide Greens
Thursday November 30th, 7-9 pm

We all do it to some extent, we decorate our homes and businesses with Yule Trees, cedar boughs and pine and fir wreaths. Have you ever wondered where those traditions came from? How about the magickal properties of those greens we use? Amy Taylor will answer those questions and more!
Investment: $20.
Space is limited to 12 people so pre-registering for this evening will be required.

Herbs for Everyone! Fire Cider
A Make and Take Workshop with Amy Taylor
Wed Dec 6 7-9 pm

Please join Amy Taylor, owner of TAoTaT's Mystic Tearoom for a very spicy evening making Fire Cider!

Fire Cider is a warming, energizing concoction which is designed to light your internal fires! It can be added to dressings, used to flavour veggies, and even sprinkled on steamed grains. I personally add a teaspoon to 4oz of water and shoot it back through the winter months.

All the supplies including 250ml jars will be provided as well as the recipe and health benefits of this longevity tonic and immune booster!

Investment: $35
Space is limited to 12 people so pre-registering for this evening will be required. You can do so by emailing or texting 905-865-2711 or calling 289-396-0158 or messaging Amy through Messenger.

The Essential Bath Spa kit
A Make and Take Workshop with Kimi Bois
Friday Dec 8 7-9 pm

We are thrilled to have Kimi Bois back from Gypsy Scents to teach us a fun workshop creating some SCENTsational Bath products!!

This workshop is open to everyone from the age of 10 and we older (parental supervision required for all children) where we will be making our own Bath Spa Kit! Get the details of how scent plays into your life from a trained and practicing Aromatherapist. This workshop if going to be a lot of FUN!

Your Bath Spa Kit will include bath salts, a sugar scrub, some bath fizzies and a bath oil. Create your own blend for the ultimate bathing experience. Great as a gift or a treat for yourself. Select essential oils will be available to use for scenting and you get to take home a wonderful kit for the ultimate spa experience!

Investment: $45
Space is limited to 12 people so pre-registering for this evening will be required. You can do so by emailing or texting 905-865-2711 or calling 289-396-0158 or messaging Amy through Messenger.

Come and learn all this SCENTsational information from trained and practicing Aromatherapist Kimi Bois. Kimi is a practising aromatherapist with almost 20 years of experience, as well as having a background in research. She uses the information she gathers to educate, inform and manufacture products.

The Origins and Magic of Yuletide/Winter Solstice
Fri Dec 15 7-9 pm

Please join Amy Taylor, owner of TAoTaT's Mystic Tearoom for a celebration of the changing of the Seasons.

Yule or Yuletide ("Yule time") is a festival observed by the historical Germanic peoples. Scholars have connected the celebration to the Wild Hunt, the god Odin, and the pagan Anglo-Saxon Mōdraniht. It later underwent Christianised reformulation resulting in the term Christmastide.

This year Yule is coming up on Thursday December 21st and will continue until Monday January 1st, 2018. It is considered, by those who follow the Pagan/Witches Wheel of the Year as the first spoke in the wheel. It is a time for family, friends, warmth and at times, quiet reflection...

Why is Yule longer than a day? What are the traditions associated with it? What is the story of the Oak and Holly Kings? Where did the Yule Log (and not always a cake) come from and why were its ashes important? What is the deeper meaning of this holiday and why should we embrace the older ways associated with it?

Come and learn the history, the magick, and the mystery of this special time of year.

Investment: $20
Space is limited to 12 people so pre-registering for this evening will be required. You can do so by emailing or texting 905-865-2711 or calling 289-396-0158 or messaging Amy through Messenger.

About Amy Taylor: For 30 years Amy Taylor has been a Tea Enthusiast and a professional Tea Leaf Reader. She is the sole owner of The Art of Tea and Tasseomancy and TAoTaT's Mystic Tearoom. Amy has completed the Tea and Herb Association of Canada’s Tea Sommelier program and will be taking the certification exam in early 2018.. She is also in the process writing a book about the mystical side of Tea.

Amy has been teaching Tasseomancy for 17 years and about Tea for 10 years. She also has been featured, interviewed and quoted in many articles, blog posts, other media and social outlets as an authority on Tasseomancy.

In her spiritual life she is Pagan and has been walking the Mystical Hedgewitch Path for over 30+ years. She is also a British Traditional Wiccan (Gardnerian) High Priestess with over 20+ years in that tradition. Amy has also been presenting programs, organizing events and volunteering her time to the Southern Ontario Pagan Community for 25+ years.

Amy is also a Community Herbalist and Horticulturalist, author and artist. In her private time she is an avid organic gardener as well as a committee member and treasurer for the Hamilton Gage Park Community Garden. Amy’s home gardens are The 2017 Monarch Awards winner, and a 2016 Awards finalist.

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The Mystic Tearoom

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Some of our Diviners:

David G

David is a Tarot Reader, Spiritual Diviner, Reiki Master, multi-modality energy worker, and an Espiritista practicing primarily in the traditions of Puerto Rico's Mesa Blanca Espiritismo (White Table Spiritism). He has been formally reading cards, engaging in spiritual communications across the planes and providing spiritual assistance to sincere seekers for over 30 years. David is in the Mystic Tearoom on a weekly basis. To book in with David, connect with him via, via email at or text him at 905-608-3603.

Paul Ge

Omlosha/Santero, Medium, Palero, Spiritist specializing in Dilogun sessions. Paul comes to the Mystic Tearoom with over 20 years experience and takes bookings with clients on Tuesdays. To book in with Paul, connect with him via or via email at

Scott W

Scott comes with 14 years experience and is also a paranormal investigator, his specialty is Mediumship and Clairvoyance, he is a very talented psychic. Scott will be available for readings on some Weekend days and as time goes on, during the week. To book and appointment with him, find out his rates and see more about Scott, please visit his website at

Alison K

Alison is one of the most talented Angel Card readers and Spiritual Mediums I have met. She is also a Reiki Master. She brings over 15 years experience to the Mystic Tearoom. To book and appointment with Alison, learn more about her and to see her rates, please visit her website.

We also have a few times a year some other amazing Diviners who travel from out of town to not only provide readings for our clientele, but also teach some amazing workshops on esoteric subjects such as Palmistry, Astrology, White Table Spiritism and many more. Stay up to date by visiting here, our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Amy Taylor Tea Leaf Reader, Tea Program Facilitator
The Art of Tea and Tasseomancy