Tea Leaf Reading Parties

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Here is some more info to help you decide how you would like to go about booking a private party with me:

For Tea Leaf Reading Parties: I book tea reading parties on Saturday and Sunday afternoons 4 times per month and prefer a 1 or 2pm start time.

For at home parties; I bring all the supplies with me; the tea, teapot, teacups, saucers, notepad and pen for notes and of course my 30 years of experience. Depending on where you live I might need to charge a travel fee, but that is something you could split amongst your guests. 😊

For parties in The Mystic Tearoom: Because I am able to accommodate larger groups in the Tearoom, I can offer up the space as an option for those who don’t want to host a party in their home. Be sure to ask me about how that works!

Tea Leaf Reading Party Options...

There are two Tea Reading options available for private reading parties:

Shorter Readings: I would need a minimum of 7 and can read up to a maximum of 12 people with 10-15 minute readings. It's a fun way to spend an afternoon . I explain everything needed to be known about how the tea readings work, and what to expect as well give some useful information about the tea and some info about me as well. I usually like to have everyone drink their tea at the same time, this not only makes it less awkward but also speeds the process up. I would then take them one at a time into a private area to do the readings.

In an at home party: All you would need to provide are people to read, boiled water and a private space with a table, coffee table and some seating like a couch or something.

If the party is in my tearoom: then I will be able see each of your party guests privately in my office while the others mingle in the larger, completely separate space.

Longer Readings: I also would be able to offer 20-25 minute readings in and 'at home party' or ‘in the Mystic Tearoom’ for a minimum of 5 people and a maximum of 6. This would include the same as what you have with a tea leaf reading party, just with less people and longer readings.

Private Readings: As an alternative, I offer readings out of my private Tearoom Wednesday and Friday (and one or two weekend days per month) afternoons and early evenings with my last appointment being 5:30pm. Private readings are approximately 30-45 minutes and include a Tea Lenormand card reading after reading your cup. It’s like getting two readings in one sitting. The largest group I could see at this location, for this length of reading is 4 people.
Please email for details on pricing and date availability.
Contact Amy: info@taotat.ca